Port of Baku

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

As “Baku International Sea Trade Port" CJSC our main goal is to create safe work environment during operation activities on the bases of existing local and international regulations without damaging the members of the community, people's health and property, equipment, cargo and environment.

In order to implement this policy the main priority of the Company is to take all possible measures to prevent any potential danger that can be harmful for the health of the population, customers and employees.

The Company strives to provide professional services on the level of management of the Port to meet all the needs of customers, safety of environment, and employees.

During the process of exploitation of the Port and cargo transportation, the Community constantly tries to improve effectiveness of management system, the efficiency and quality of its service, does its best to reduce and prevent pollution.

The Company takes measures in order not to damage environment, health of staff, decrease number of incidents that can happen at the Port, and eventually to prevent incidents completely.

To carry out HSE policy, the Company identifies and assesses environmental aspects of its activities and regularly monitors the possible consequences of the operations of the Port. The Company is subject to take essential measures, to define goals and duties emerging from the information analysis.

Besides continuously working on improving the performance indicators, the Company reviews and updates the rules of HSE on a regular basis.

Following values are given the highest priority in frames of our activities:

• To implement essential controls associated with health and safety risks during operational processes 

• To provide technical services for equipment and facilities in order to maintain healthy and safe work environment.

• To create healthy, safe and clean working environment for our clients, contractors and staff. 

We believe that by accepting the principles and values of HSE policy we will succeed to take measures to prevent any possible threat directed to people’s health and property in our daily activities.

This policy is supported and accepted by all employees of the Company. This Policy has been brought  to the attention of all employees of the Company, it is open to the third parties and, if necessary, making corrections to the content of the Policy is one of the priorities of the management.

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