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Public Discussion on "Logistics and Trade" Topics

Public Discussion on "Logistics and Trade" Topics

Jul 18, 2016

(15 June 2016, Baku) Next public discussion on “Strategic Future Map for National Economy and the Main Sectors of Economy” was held. The public discussions in accordance with Strategic Future Map was dedicated to ”Logistics and Trade” topic.

Taleh Ziyadov, The Director-General of “Baku International Sea Trade Port” CJSC, gave the initial speech and emphasized that Azerbaijan has a huge potential at international logistics and trade section. It is also mentioned that according to Presidental degree on particular issue, the construction of Free Trade Zone (FTZ) has been launched including New Port of Baku area. The very first meeting of the Working Group was held on 10 June, 2016. The discussion consisted of representatives of Minstry of Economy, Minstry of Taxes, Minstry of Transportation, Minstry of Ecology and Natural Resources, Minstry of Finance, Minstry of Justice, The State Customs Commitee, State Commitee on Property Issues, Executive Power of Baku City, additionally, “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping” CJSC, “Azerbaijan Railways” CJSC.

FTZ will cover oil-chemistry and phramacy sections, producing, packaging, labelling different types of products, in addition to transportation and logistics infrastructure. This demonstrates the essential part of President Ilham Aliyev’s policy of development of non-oil sector and hub which means to transform Azerbaijan into logistic and transportation center in Eurasia”, Director-General mentioned.

Moreover, New Port of Baku in Alat and FTZ will operate as a transportation and logistic hub. Therefore, it will make an impact on the rapid development of trade among China, India, Turkey, Iran and Central Eurasia. New Port of Baku (Alyat terminal) is the part of huge international logistics network which combines Europe and Asia, and it will not only operate as main logistics hub in Caspian region, but also offer some benefits for flourishing old Silk Way.


Executive director of Center for Analysis and Communication of Economic Reforms, Vusal Gasimli mentioned in his speech that although Azerbaijan does not have any access with seas, it is a great occasion that our country turns into important transportation-logistics center which links North and South, or East and West: ”Azerbaijan is attractive for trade zone, because 10% deduction on transportation costs will increase trade by 20%. After being transportation-logistics hub, the numbers of investors can dramatically increase, and our country can actively participate in global and regional value chains. International experience shows that it is possible to increase GDP by 3% by strengthening competition of supply chain in logistics centers. Nowadays, Azerbaijani government has evident strategy and universal plans for investment on this sector. In the document, “Strategic Future Map for National Economy and the Main Sectors of Economy”, “Logistics and Trade” has been regarded as one of 11 priority direction.”

Head of the Sector in Presidential Assistant on Economic Reform, Elkhan Mikayilov, the Deputy Minister of Finance, Emin Huseynov and Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Committee, Shahin Baghirov stressed the importance of logistics and trade for our country, and mentioned about great potential of this sector for future.

Discussion continued by The Director-General of "Baku International Sea Trade Port", Taleh Ziyadov’s moderation. "Leading international experience - Dubai Examples" and "Leading international experience - Singapore Examples" topics were presented by the representatives of “Baku International Sea Trade Port”. The event continued with panel discussions.

Presidential Administration, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Taxes, Ministry of Transportation, the State Customs Committee, State Border Service, Coordinating Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Transit Freight, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), Azerbaijan Railways CJSC, “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping” CJSC , “Azerbaijan Airlines” representatives, "Azeravtoyol" JSC, Baku Transport Agency, Azerbaijan-Ukraine Congress and representatives of private companies such as "Access Trans", "Panalpina", "Silkway", "DHL" companies participated at the event.

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