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Ilham Aliyev inaugurated RO-RO terminal at Baku International Sea Trade Port complex

Ilham Aliyev inaugurated RO-RO terminal at Baku International Sea Trade Port complex

Jan 9, 2018

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has attended the opening of the RO-RO terminal at the Baku International Sea Trade Port in the Alat township of Qaradag district on Jan. 9.

During the ceremony Minister of Economy Shahin Mustafayev informed the head of state about the work done at the site.

President Ilham Aliyev opened the terminal.

During the ceremony at the New Port of Baku in Alat, the first trucks have been loaded into ship in the new RO-RO terminal with the participation of the President. The new terminal consisting of two berths will be able to handle 1.8 million tons of cargo or 60,000 trucks annually.

Overall, with completion 1st  phase of the new Port of Baku’s, annual troughput will be 15 million tons of general cargo, including 100,000 TEU containers.

2nd phase of construction will increase the number of berths from 12 to 17th (2 RO-RO, 7 general cargo, 5 containers, 2 ferry, 1 service berth).

The new Port of Baku will also have a Free Trade Zone and manufacturing industries using raw or semi-finished materials from the region. Here, manufacturers can utilize this location as a critical node to established a modern supply chain along a 21st Century Silk Road, serving the vast hinterland between China and Europe. Through the establishment of the e-platform, the Port Community System, it will be possible to link with all stakeholders of the Eurasian supply chain via a single Logistics IT window. With such a developed network, it will produce much value-added services creating new markets for which the New FTZ will serve, via good intermodal facilities, for rail, road and ferry covering North-South and East West routes.

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