Port of Baku

Ferry Terminal

The Ferry Terminal is located on the west side of the New Port in Alat, south of the entrance gate. The Ferry Terminal is arranged into pairs of ferry berths comprising a central jetty with a berth on each side. Train wagons and trucks can access the ferry vessels over link spans and an overhead access bridge at each pair of berths provides passenger access to the vessels. The ferries mainly transport train wagons, trucks and cars. The waiting tracks for trains are located in the centre of the landside area for each pair of berths, with the truck and car marshaling areas located on either side of the rail tracks. To service the existing double-decker train ferries, the four Ferry Waiting Tracks to be provided per berth will hold twenty-six wagons with a total length of up to 364 metres. A nominal Ferry Waiting Area siding of length 400 metres has also been adopted. 

There are 13 Ferries belonging to ACSC Ferry Terminal. For more information about their capacity and technical details click here

Link to Ferries in www.ascs.az

Green port

Port of Baku is not only targeting economic interests. We believe that when the economy and ecology work hand-in-hand, much greater work efficiency can be achieved. Aiming to become the most environmentally friendly port in the region, the Port will operate in...


Here you will find the history of the port since 1564...