Port of Baku

International Cooperation

As an international port that aims to become a regional transport and logistics hub for Eurasia, Port of Baku engages actively in cooperating with various international organisations and foreign port authorities. As part of the Silk Road, we participate in different international events and conferences in order to promote closer cooperation among countries situated along the modern Silk Road from China to Europe. The Port of Baku is a member of the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) since 22nd April 2010. We actively take part in mid-term port and world port conferences and are planning to host an IAPH mid-term port conference in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Port of Baku has also signed Memorandums of Understanding with different port authorities, such as Aktau Port, Batumi Sea Port and Port of Antwerp. On 24th of July 2015, the trilateral Memorandum of Understanding between Port of Baku, Batumi Sea Port and Aktau Port was signed, which aimed to implement the establishment of a Coordination Committee for Trans-Caspian International Transport Route (TCITR) and to attract additional freight flow through the Trans-Caspian Corridor. As a result of this MoU, Port of Baku participated in a TCITR roadshow held in Chongqing, Kiev, Istanbul and Vilnius in November 2015. It also actively engages in the regional cooperation of Caspian littoral states as a member of the Joint Committee of the port authorities.

Port of Baku also actively engages in partnership with European ports. On 15th of July, 2015, it has signed MoU with one of the biggest European ports, Port of Antwerp. Both parties agreed on developing mutually beneficial cooperation between the ports, to improve legal and regulatory frameworks, to increase the profitability of transport and logistics related operations and to introduce new management structures that will meet European standards of port management. The parties also agreed to cooperate in improvement of energy efficiency of port facilities and to introduce renewable energy sources in Port of Baku within a framework of the Green Port concept.

Port of Baku also actively cooperates with embassies of foreign countries accredited in Azerbaijan. In 2015 alone, Port of Baku at Alyat hosted around forty embassy representatives of various European and Asian countries, including ambassadors of Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Ukraine, China and Turkey, European Union delegations, US Trade mission representatives and other officials.  

Azerbaijan actively participates in various intergovernmental committees of the UN. As an official representative of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the port industry, Port of Baku is also a member of the UNESCAP Working Group on Dry Ports. The goal of the Working Group is to cooperate on dry port facility improvements and to attract more investment in dry ports.

Green port

Port of Baku is not only targeting economic interests. We believe that when the economy and ecology work hand-in-hand, much greater work efficiency can be achieved. Aiming to become the most environmentally friendly port in the region, the Port will operate in...


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