Port of Baku

Your hub in Eurasia

Unlike the world’s great seaports, the prominent commercial cities of Central Eurasia have historically been land-based hubs. It took months and even years for the ancient Silk Road traders to travel between Europe and Asia. Central Eurasian hubs served as critical regional logistics and distribution centers along the Silk Way. Each of them had a number of caravanserais, where goods and ideas exchanged hands, and people and cultures met and mixed. These trading centers were connected with other regional hubs and megacities through a vast network of corridors across Eurasia and the Middle East. The Silk Road corridors were for centuries the source of prosperity for many nations in Central Eurasia.
Azerbaijan is located at the crossroads of major Eurasian land and air transport corridors—a feature that will play a vital part in its long-term success. Located in the centre of the new Silk Route, with no land frontier with the countries in Central Asia, Azerbaijan will serve not only as a commercial bridge between Europe and Asia, but also as a major distribution hub in Eurasia. Together with improved regional transport connectivity, the New Port and Free Zone (FZ) development is being positioned as a hub where companies use locally produced materials to add value to imported products before shipping them onwards to destinations in Central Asia, Europe, and Turkey. The location of new Port of Baku at Alyat, 70 km away from Baku at the junction of Traceca and North-South corridors which is in a transportation hub (railways and highways) linking the West (Black Sea), South (Iran) and North (Russia) as well as vicinity to the regions of Azerbaijan will increase its connectivity as an efficient hub and thus increase the volumes of cargoes handled. In addition, the proposed area can also be easily linked to existing highways or railways to connect to the inland regions of the country.
Azerbaijan has the ingredients to become one of the major commercial and transportation hubs in the region and to be the country that facilitates regional transformation. Its location, abundance of natural resources and dynamic new generation will help realize this vision. Port of Baku is keen on exploiting the full potential of its strategic location to become a transit and logistics hub in Eurasia.

Green port

Port of Baku is not only targeting economic interests. We believe that when the economy and ecology work hand-in-hand, much greater work efficiency can be achieved. Aiming to become the most environmentally friendly port in the region, the Port will operate in...


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