Port of Baku

Port Authority

Baku International Sea Trade Port (Closed Joint-Stock Company) is a Port Authrority and plays an important role in the day-to-day operation of the port and its terminals. The Closed Joint-Stock Company was established on 18th March 2015 by Ilham Aliyev, President of the Azerbaijan Republic, with the aim of developing the port as the main maritime gateway to Azerbaijan and as a vital multimodal transit and logistics hub along the ancient Silk Road. Port of Baku is the driving force behind Azerbaijan’s port and logistics development, taking on the roles of Port Authority, Port Planner and National Port Representative in order to advance and safeguard Azerbaijan’s strategic maritime activities. Port of Baku has partners in the industry and other agencies to enhance safety, security and environmental protection along the coast of Greater Baku City maritime boundries, while facilitating port operations and growth.

Green port

Port of Baku is not only targeting economic interests. We believe that when the economy and ecology work hand-in-hand, much greater work efficiency can be achieved. Aiming to become the most environmentally friendly port in the region, the Port will operate in...


Here you will find the history of the port since 1564...